New Tunes!

So! With the New Year well and truly behind us, we have been getting our teeth into some new tunes, getting ready for some recording time in May. This one will be based around the recent solo album which Paul has released, “Inside the Bass”.

On his solo busking missions, he likes to have a cd available for people to purchase, that is as close as possible to the music he is actually playing live, with the intention of developing the songs by adding violin, guitar and vocals at a later stage. So, eventually it becomes a remix of his drum album!

People often ask us if it works. A solo drummer, set up in the middle of Queenstown. Well, we have to report that, as mad as it appears, it does! There are always, without fail, people dancing, smiling and purposely hanging out on their lunch break:)

Busking Drummer

It is especially popular with the drummers that pass by as Paul has a particularly interesting drum kit with a djembe as a kick drum, a custom made wooden snare and an SPDS sample pad. The basslines he creates and applies to the sample pad create actual tunes, which make them more accessible to all. It’s fun, it’s happy and it’s original! He has even made it on to the Lakes Weekly Bulletin TV show! Have a listen here.

So with the forthcoming Choice album, we have decided to go about creating the songs on the street. To see what works and what doesn’t! Having the freedom to experiment like that, in front of an audience, is paramount to the sculpting of the tunes. It also means we’re constantly playing, performing, learning and honing our skills. Improvisation is key to our set and always has been. Obviously, over time the songs gain structure and form but we like to maintain an element of spontaneity in there. Keeps the magic alive!

Speaking of which… I have literally just purchased a vocal effects pedal too. Pretty exciting stuff, although it means a daunting amount of homework:) More on that and the development of the new album, in the coming months!

For now, I’ll leave you with a small snippet of one of the new tracks which was filmed at soundcheck at the Burning Horse festival in February 2019. Click here or on the pic!

Burning Horse festival, Choice

Take care of each other and Speak soon!

Claire F.

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