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FolktronicaSo! What is this new album “Leroy” all about? Well, we are 2 years in to our move to New Zealand. As can only be expected, having been in Europe again for over 10 years, we had built up quite a group of friends. And being close to our families meant a lot. Even if we didn’t see them as much as we would’ve liked. Life seems to take over. Especially when you’re trying to pursue a passion as a career whilst making money for the basic essentials. So it was with heavy hearts and an excruciating decision making process that we decided to rip ourselves away from our comfortable and extremely fun lives and embark on this new and exciting era. The main point being that we would finally put our full heart and soul into our band Choice.

It seemed to take forever to settle in and get on our feet, financially and emotionally. It felt like we were grieving for our past rather than embracing the new as we always had done travelling before. I guess the process took longer because we are SO far away from our homelands and it felt like it was going to be a while before we would return. (Don’t panic! We will come back soon!)

Finally though, it feels like we have gained the headspace we were seeking and out of it has come this new album “Leroy”. We have just been to see 4 of our favourite NZ bands in the last 4 months. Inspiration beyond belief! The influence these bands have had on our lives has been nothing short of epic! Now, in hindsight, moving to NZ was an obvious choice. I wish someone had told me that at the time of deciding;)

Now, It has suddenly become ALL about the music. It always kind of has been but now it seems more focused than ever before. Everything we do, pretty much, has a musical element or influence to it. Music has taken over and that’s exactly why we came back after around 10 years of travelling and making music on the other side of the globe.

The thing is…. As much as we enjoyed the process and experiences in Europe, we both always knew we would eventually come back to NZ. We never stopped listening to NZ music which has ultimately shaped this new album. Having a background in singer/songwriter & folk music, my writing style had always lent itself to guitar and vocals with the loop station eventually allowing me to introduce violin on top. Paul’s drumming always had a tribal element to it with his main playing, for many years, being on a single (but huge sounding) djembe. We joined a few other bands which essentially gave us more skills on our instruments but very importantly, introduced ways in which to make the music we had always both loved. As time went on we were exposed to the music of Bonobo, Cinematic Orchestra, Emancipator and the likes. Bands and producers that are creating electronic style music with traditional instruments like strings and woodwind.

So! The new album will be officially released this month and pre-orders have just become available right here.

As our way of saying THANKYOU for your support, anyone who Pre-orders “Leroy” before the release date will get THREE FREE tracks from previous releases that outline the steady progression towards our new Folktronica sound.

Just click on the ORDER button below and you will be sent your FREE tracks immediately aswell as a digital copy of our new album “Leroy” before the official release.

This work is a turning point in our musical career and we’d like you to celebrate it with us for our 2 year anniversary in this wonderful part of the world. And with it, we hope to tour and travel to other new and exciting parts of the globe, getting the music out there with your Greatly Appreciated help! Please share this post and feel free to comment below. Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your ongoing support. Enjoy!

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You’ll receive 3 digital downloads via email immediately after placing your order and your album will be sent to you before the official release date.

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