A forced break!

So here we are at the end of a tumultuous few months. The last x-ray is done, the last tooth is fixed. What on earth is she talking about? I hear you say! Well! Waaaay back at the end of August there was a bit of a snowboarding accident that left Paul with a shattered elbow and a couple of broken teeth. Not really conducive to a musician’s life. No drumming, no snowboarding, no biking. Nightmare! But it got us thinking…What a privileged lifestyle we have! If we didn’t appreciate it before, we certainly do now!

So what to do? Well, for those of you who know Paul personally, you will know that he is never one to sit still for too long. So! Once the trauma had subsided (for both of us!) he got stuck into mixing and editing, for luckily enough, he had been busy recording some drum tracks in July with some new basslines. And you know what’s coming right? He has produced yet another album! Printed and all! It is available to download at paul marcham.bandcamp.com and hard copies can be purchased directly from us, on the street;)

Which brings me to our next piece of news…. We’re back! On the street! Selling our wares! We had a fantastic weekend busking after two months of elbow healing. So good to be out playing again! Nothing like a forced “break” to make you hungry for it again. I think they are some of my happiest moments, playing on the street, sharing the music with the international audience that is Queenstown. Less pressure than gigs and planeloads of people coming past every day lifting and taking their experiences, and the music, back to where they are from. Spreading the word far and wide:)!

Another exciting development has been the new toys! Upgrades from our original equipment which we finally had time to research and play around with, discovering the new things we can add to the sound of Choice. That’s for another blog though:) Watch this space for updates on where this is all going!
For now we are just happy to be back playing, working on a set of new songs which we plan to start recording in May 2019. Exciting times!

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